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The Evolution of Reddvise: A Short Story

Reddvise was started in the month December of 2009 with a Project called Suyog Saffron, in a location called Rahatni in Pune. The project had 30+ flats. It was a critical challenge as we were just starting up and our experience was limited. We have not fully tested all the marketing channels and their efficacy for a particular type of project. As it happens even after three months of continuous effort, we were not able to sell a single flat. We were filled with doubts over our capability, uncertainty of the business model, lot of expenses but no revenue and on the top very low morale of the team. But we did not give up. We were driven by our core belief that “for every flat there is a customer” and for this project also there will be customers. After 110 days we booked our first flat and it was like a drop of water after months of wandering in a hot desert. All of us had sigh of relief and was just thinking about how to sell the second flat. Fortunately we got a great support from client builder team who in spite of not getting results persisted with us as they could see the efforts which we put in.

After few days the story changed, we sold the entire project in next three months and announced our arrival in Pune Real Estate Market. Mr. Shamsundar who were the employees fighting at Suyog Saffron, are currently Pune City heads, managing over 40 projects amongst themselves.

We have grown phenomenally after those 6 months from one project to almost 75 projects across 5 cities (Pune, Mumbai, Vadodara, Hyderabad, and Lucknow) in just a span of 2.5 years. We have sold 600+ flats in 2011-2012 and in line to double that number this year. Behind all these numbers we can very proudly say that the sole driving force behind the expansion was our employee’s own initiative, their tenacity to sacrifice current comfort for future growth and above all as our value states “be bold and experimentative”.

Every city is a different story and the real estate dynamics are varied. We invest our time and money to understand that and are willing to pay the price for it. Once we acquire the requisite knowledge, we very quickly get into our peak performance levels.

Reddvise intends to expand to 2 more cities by the end of this year and the team is getting ready.

Reddvise also understands that real estate is an ocean and if you have to cover the ocean in width and depth you cannot ride on a single big ship. It requires smaller ships, different ships, submarines, boats and to drive them different type of people. Reddvise understood that well enough and have now expanded our service offering and added.

Reddloan : Consumer Home Loan, for home loan requirements of our customers.

IREF : Institute of Real Estate and Finance to fill in the training and employability gap.

Investment Services : Dedicate services to investors according to wealth management principles.

Reddlog : Real information and knowledge blog.

Finally as stated in our vision, we want to be a thought leader in real estate industry with impeccable execution capabilities and continuously strive to “power” real state in Indian and all across the globe.

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