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Investor Services

Real Estate traditionally as well as in future would be one of the largest and most preferred investment asset class for all kind of individuals. Especially HNIs and NRIs do prefer investing their major proportion of investment capital in real estate. At Reddvise, we come across almost daily, investors who want to invest in real estate according to specific terms/preference which are mainly city, location, type of project and of course ROI potential. Reddvise has a specific team which only works with investors and brings them good real estate investment options and also helps them exit which completes the investment cycle. Developers who have good investment proposition can get in touch with us and we can market the proposal to our investors

 Our Services Include

  • Drafting an investment proposal on financial parameters
  • Presentation and representation to investors
  • Coordinating site visit
  • Completing legal formalities
  • Property management during the period of the investment
  • Coordination secondary sales and exiting out of the investment
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