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What is Exclusive Deal?

Reddvise manages multiple projects across multiple cities and locations and while executing such projects and working with various developers, we structure specific investment deals in coordination with builder which are completely managed and controlled by us. When we say completely managed means that we exactly know the sales numbers, daily price trends, accurate customer demand and the price levels it can reach. Together with our own research of the neighborhood prices, we present investors a lucrative price to entry and an almost daily supervision of price and demand to suggest investor the right time to exit. With project sales control in our hand we exactly would know when and who to exit as we keep getting customer enquiries/visit. This helps us in extracting highest return on every rupee invested with almost zero chances of negative or slow return. To our current investors we have managed to give almost an average 30% annualized post tax IRR over a investment period 1.5 to 2 years.

Some Highlights

  • Exclusive Deals are only offered for Reddvise Managed Projects
  • All the deals which are open in our website are time bound
  • End to end investment responsibility is with Reddvise
  • The investment are not one time and payments can be structured differently and profitably.
  • After doing careful due diligence, spending a minimum one month of time in project and after seeing first 30-50 customer response, we propose a exclusive deal to our investors
  • After initial 6-8 months of investment, we start looking for a profitable exit
  • All deals are exclusive and hence full information is only available to registered members
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