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Current Investment Propositions

At Reddvise we believe that, New Project Investment or Distress Asset investment is best real estate investment proposition. The return on investment absolute or internal rate of return is highest in such cases. The main reasons are

  • In both the cases the investment is done at a considerable discount at current rates
  • In New Project Investment, builder would engage in comprehensive marketing effort to realize better rates and which drives the price
  • The initial demand is higher in new projects as customers know that towards the completion price will increase. It helps in price escalation over a shorter period of time and hence better returns.
  • In New Project Investment you have ample choice to choose a right property
  • In most of the New Project Investment, you need not pay the whole money upfront and the payments are staggered over a period of time which increase your return on investment significantly.

To see our current investment propositions please search the exclusive deal section or new project launches

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